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Plant Know-How: Pilea depressa

Pilea depressa close
While you've certainly heard of Pilea peperomioides, there's a good chance you've never heard of its relative, Pilea depressa. This succulent vine is grown for its tiny, scalloped leaves. Often used in fairy gardens and terrariums, it makes an impressive hanging plant. 
Pilea depressa wide


Light: Pilea depressa does best in bright, indirect light. Can tolerate some morning direct sun.

Water: Allow soil to dry about halfway before watering. Bottom watering may be easier for Pilea depressa has the foliage grows close to the soil and tightly together.

Did you know?: Pilea depressa grows clusters, of tiny, white flowers!

Want to try out this delicately leaved vine? We have 6" sizes available on our website for curb side pickup and local delivery!

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