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Plant Know-How: Ctenanthe burle-marxii

Ctenthe close
If you've been keeping plants for a while you're sure to recognize these boldly patterned leaves as part of the Marantaceae family. These leaves belong to Ctenanthe burle-marxii, another member of the prayer plant family, earning their names from the closing and opening motions the leaves perform. Ctenanthe arent kept as commonly as Maranta or Calathea, but with their similar care and striking leaves they make for a great addition to any home. Ctenanthe burle-marxii, like other members of Marantaceae, is native to warm and humid forests where it lives almost completely shaded. Because they're adapted to such wet and humid conditions it is important to provide a similar level of moisture in your home to ensure your Ctenanthe burle-marxii thrives. If you can replicate the conditions Ctenanthe burle-marxii would be living in in the wild you'll have a stunning plant for years to come! We've got some tips to help you achieve the happy and thriving Ctenanthe burle-marxii of your dreams!
Ctenanthe wide


Light: Ctenanthe burl-marxii does best in medium to bright indirect light. Like all other members of the Marantaceae family Ctenanthe burl-marxii's leaves will burn if kept in direct sun.

Water: Ensure the soil never completely dries out. Water when the top 1-2" of soil has gone dry. Ctenanthe burle-marxii needs added humidity to truly thrive. Provide this by keeping your plant in a well lit bathroom, providing a pebble tray, or placing your plant next to a humidifier.

Did you know? Certain members of the Marantaceae family are cultivated for use as a food source!

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