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Plant Know-How: Begonia maculata

Begonia maculata close
At first glance you might think these bright white spots are painted on, but believe it or not these spotty leaves happen naturally! The distinct polka dot pattern of Begonia maculata has made it the darling of the plant world. While Begonia maculata is very beautiful, it can be tricky to keep. Begonia maculata is endemic to Brazil where it grows in shady and humid rainforests. Since our homes tend to be drier than rainforests adding humidity for your Begonia maculata is a must. While it might be a bit of a diva we think Begonia maculata is worth the pampering! We've got some tips here to keep your Begonia maculata looking its best!
Begonia maculata wide


Light: Begonia maculata does best in bright, indirect light. Be sure to keep your plant out of any direct light, the leaves are Begonia maculata are delicate and will burn!

Water: Water your Begonia maculata when the soil has gone nearly dry. Begonia maculata can be sensitive to minerals in tap water and will do best with distilled water or rainwater. These plants need high humidity to thrive, ideally 55% or more. Your Begonia maculata will do best when placed near a humidifier.

Did you know? While Begonia maculata is primarily grown for its striking foliage, it does produce flowers! When given adequate lighting Begonia maculata produces clusters of white flowers with pom-pom like yellow centers!

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