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Plant Know-How: Calathea orbifolia

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Calathea orbifolia is a plant that's hard to miss. The large, round leaves and distinct pattern truly makes them a stand out plant. There's a reason why Calathea orbifolia is coveted by both plant people and interior design lovers alike. While this plant may be beautiful, it can often times prove difficult to maintain indoors. We've collected some tips to help keep your Calathea orbifolia thriving!
Calathea orbifolia wide


Light: Calathea orbifolia does best in medium to bright indirect light. Be sure to protect the large leaves from any direct sun as they will burn.

Water: Maintain a moist soil without allowing it to become soggy in the Spring and Summer. Your calathea orbifolia will require less frequent watering in the cooler months. Calathea orbifolia, like all Calathea, needs added humidity to truly thrive. This can be accomplished by adding a humidifier, keeping it in a well lit bathroom, or providing a pebble tray underneath the plant.

Did you know? Calathea orbifolia has been known to bloom when kept indoors. They produce a white, torch like flower!

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