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Plant Know-How: Hatiora salicornioides

Hatiora salicornioides mature
This cute jungle cactus is Hatiora salicornioides! If you're familiar with Rhipsalis this plant may look familiar to you! Hatiora salicornioides is closely related to Rhipsalis and has very similar growth and requires similar care. It was even once classified as a Rhipsalis! Hatiora salicornioides is an epiphyte native to Brazil where it grows along the trunks of trees. This plant has a very interesting growth habit, given time it can become a cascading hanging plant, but it can also grow into a sweeping, architectural bush. Its somewhat unpredictable growth is one of the most charming things about this plant! Like we said before, Hatiora salicornioides is a jungle cactusmeaning it needs very different things from the desert cacti you may be familiar with. Jungle cacti are not adapted for the long stretches of drought that desert cacti are. This isn't a plant you can water once a month! If you're new to Hatiora salicornioides, and jungle cacti in general, we've got all the care info here you'll need to set you and your new plant up for success!
Hatiora salicornioides juvenile


Light: Hatiora salicornioides grows best in medium to bright indirect light. Keep your plant away from direct sun. Hatiora salicornioides will burn in any direct sun, unlike its sun loving desert cousins.

Water: Water your Hatiora salicornioides when about half of the pot has gone dry. Hatiora salicornioides can handle a little drought but you certainly don't want to leave it dry for too long! The little segments on Hatiora salicornioides will begin to shrivel when its thirsty, if you're new to jungle cacti this is a good way to know when to water your plant.

Did you know? Hatiora salicornioides is named for its resemblance to the genus Salicornia (also called Pickleweed), which is a salt tolerant plant that grows in salt marshes and along beaches! The name salicornioides means "similar to Salicornia"!

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