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Plant Know-How: Hoya kerrii

Hoya kerrii
Who can resist these adorable heart shaped leaves? This is Hoya kerrii, a beloved plant among Hoya collectors and plant lovers alike. It's sometimes called the Sweetheart Hoya for the shape of its leaves. Hoya kerrii, like many others in its genus, is a vining epiphyte that climbs trees in its natural habitat. In cultivation Hoya kerrii can have a little bit of a wild growth habit. As a young plant it generally grows upright, but as it becomes older and its vines grow longer gravity will eventually weight it down and it can be grown as a sort of hanging plant. We think no matter how your Hoya kerrii is growing it makes for an excellent addition to any home!
Hoya kerrii wide


Light: Hoya kerrii does best in bright to medium indirect light. If you'd like your Hoya kerrii to flower someday we recommend growing it in bright indirect light.

Water: Like most Hoya, Hoya kerrii does not want to sit in soggy soil. Water your Hoya kerrii when about 2/3rds of the soil has gone dry.

Did you know? Hoya kerrii is often sold as a single rooted leaf. You often see these leaves around Valentine's Day because of their heart shape. These rooted leaves will very rarely grow into full plants, but they do make for a very cute heart shaped plant!

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