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Plant Know-How: Ludisia discolor

Ludisia discolor close
This beautiful dark leafed plant is Ludisia discolor, commonly known as a Jewel Orchid! Don't let the fact that this beautiful plant is an orchid scare you away. Ludisia discolor is a little different than many other orchids, and is probably one of the easiest orchids to keep! Ludisia discolor is a terrestrial orchid, meaning unlike many other orchid species that are epiphytic, Ludisia discolor grows in the ground. In its native habitat Ludisia discolor grows creeping along humid forest floors, because of this growth habit your Ludisia discolor may begin to grow a little leggy and start cascading out of its pot! This is a striking and fun plant to grow and even a great choice for beginners! We have all the info here you'll need to grow a thriving Ludisia discolor!
Ludisia discolor wide


Light: Ludisia discolor will do best in medium to indirect light. Be sure to protect leaves from any direct sun as they will burn.

Water: Water your Ludisia discolor when the first 1" of soil has gone dry. You'll want to water less frequently in the winter months.

Did you know? While Ludisia discolor is primarily grown for its striking foliage it does also flower! Its flowers aren't like the orchid flowers you may be used to. Instead they are small, white and a little unassuming. But we love them and think they make this already charming plant even more charming!

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