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Plant Know-How: Phlebodium aureum

Phlebodium aurem, commonly called 'Blue Star' fern, is about as easy-going as a fern can be. Loved for their dusty blue color and fuzzy rhizomes, this plant is perfect for someone who loves ferns but doesn’t have the time for the higher maintenance varieties. Read on to learn how to keep your Phlebodium aurem as happy as can be!⁣ 


Light: Phlebodium aurem does best in medium to bright indirect light.⁣

Water: You should never allow your Phlebodium aurem to dry out completely. Water when the top 1-2” of soil are dry. Like any other kind of fern your Phlebodium aurem will appreciate some added humidity.⁣

Did you know? In the wild Phlebodium aurem grow epiphytically, meaning these ferns grown on surfaces such as tree branches instead of in soil!⁣

Ready to try out one of these easy going ferns? We have 4” sizes available on our website for curbside pick-up and local delivery!