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Plant Rehab - 4 Tips to Save Your Plant

plant with brown spots
Stop! Before you toss that plant, run through this checklist of tips that could restore the heath of your plant.

4 Tips to Revive Your Plant:

1. Water works wonders

If you've missed some waterings and your plant has wilted, fully saturate the soil (soak the root ball in water if it's super dry) and give the plant a few days to bounce back. 
watering cans

2. Just a little off the top

For plants that have lots of crispy or mushy leaves that won't bounce back, sometimes cutting the whole plant back is the best way to revive it. It'll look sad for a little while, but you'll be amazed how quickly new growth emerges. Properly cutting back will vary depending on the plant, so do a quick internet search to make sure you choose the right method for your plant.

3. Downsize it

If one portion of a plant has died completely, but other portions still look good, just unpot the plant, remove the dead portion as well as you can, then repot the healthy part in a pot that's appropriately sized for the remaining root ball (no more than 2 inches in diameter larger than the root ball). 
tool set

4. Have patience

Did a bunch of leaves all fall off or die at once? Leaf drop can be caused by several issues- but rarely mean that the plant is dead. Stress from environment changes, repotting, and seasonal changes can cause leaves to fall off, but once the plant adapts to changes, new growth will start back up. Plants that go through periods of dormancy will start to die back until they have no foliage, then new growth will return once the dormant season is over. Patience is key with many things in plant care. 

Looking for more in-depth help?

 Houseplants For All

Pick up a copy of Houseplants For All. Whether you're an experienced plant parent or have never owned anything other than a fake Ficus, this book is the perfect guide for happy plants in your home. Written by Folia founder, Danae Horst.

Ready to Replace?

Sometimes plants die and there's no reviving them. That's ok! Shop from an assortment of plants and utilize the above tips to keep them happy and healthy in your home.