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Caladium 'Gingerland'
Caladium 'Gingerland'
Caladium 'Gingerland'
Caladium 'Gingerland'
Caladium 'Gingerland'

Caladium 'Gingerland'

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This Caladium variety features variegated leaves with pink, green, and white shades, along with dark green borders. Caladiums look especially good during the spring/summer, and may go dormant for the rest of the year.


4" or 6" pot


Place in pot with drainage. Keep soil evenly moist, but not soggy. Maintain high humidity by grouping with other plants or using pebble tray.

Bright indirect light. Avoid full sun.

Caladiums can be hard to maintain indoors. If leaves begin to die off, the tubers may need to rest. Store them in the pot, water 1x/month, then more often when growth returns in Spring.



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