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Plant Essentials Workshop: Propagation

Plant Essentials Workshop: Propagation


Propagation is the easiest way to add new plants to your collection, or share it with others! We know it can sound daunting though, so we've put together a new essentials workshop focused entirely on the most common propagation methods. 

Led by Folia founder, Danae Horst, we'll cover everything from which plants are easiest to propagate, to how to make a proper cut, and even go over what to do once your cuttings have rooted! Then we'll sharpen our skills as we take some cuttings from full plants! 

Friday, July 12th 7:30-9:30pm

Workshop cost includes instruction, a propagation kit, cuttings, and light refreshments.

Participants are welcome to bring any plants they'd like to take cuttings from, but everyone will leave with multiple cuttings.