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Field Notes: Light Lab

Photo by Jeff Mindell for Light Lab

A big piece of our vision for Folia is working with people to bring the right plants in their homes or businesses- services focused on selecting not just plants that look good in a room, but will also thrive in the conditions there. So, when our friends at Light Lab, a new creative studio/event venue in Atwater Village, asked us to bring in some green life to their space we were eager to get to work! 


AnneCaroline, and Jayden, who worked with the amazing Sarah Sherman Samuel to design the space, were looking for plants to add life, and make a design impact, but also knew they needed species that were easy to care for. Caroline also had a special request- to find a new tree to give a 'fiddle-leaf-moment' to!  After some deliberation, Ficus elastica, aka the rubber tree ended up being our top pick for them- as long as the conditions are right, they're fairly easy care and we knew the colors and arching branches would look perfect in the space. Since the space will be used for a variety of events, we also wanted to make sure that there was some flexibility with the trees- since a potted tree can be insanely heavy and awkward to move- so we potted three 6 ft trees in pale terracotta planters, but used rolling plant caddys under the saucers. Now anytime the space needs to be reconfigured, the rubber trees can just be rolled to the right spot!

In addition to the trees, the other big request from the Light Lab team was to use plants to add some interest to a long drop from the roof of the bathroom, down the wall. We ruled out a full-on living wall, since the watering system was more than they wanted to take on. In lieu of that, we proposed planting a lush selection of trailing vines and some tallers plants in planters with built in saucers- which as they grow will fill in the space on the wall, but offered a lower initial investment, and easier upkeep than a full living wall. We selected Philodendron hederaceum, Scindapsus pictus, Epipremnum aureum, Philodendron selloum, and Monstera deliciosa to create a full look with jungle vibes. 

Add a few more smaller potted plants to use around the space, and boom- a little more life for this gorgeous space- and all easy to care for too! We had so much fun working on this project, and we're always open to new plant-design work- just send us an email! 

All photos by Jeff Mindell, used with permission. Design by Sarah Sherman Samuel. Additional styling by Anne Sage