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All September long, 10% of all Folia x Baggu Tote sales will go to support the work of LA Compost! #SpendForSoil All September long, 10% of all Folia x Baggu Tote sales will go to support the work of LA Compost! #SpendForSoil


Summer visits to the nursery in my hometown hold a golden place in my mind. Wandering down the rows of plants, the shocking delight of the overhead watering system offering up its cooling mist, and my mother recounting the names as I asked about what seemed like every plant filling up those green houses.

From that small town in Wyoming, to the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest, and now the rambling deserts of Southern California, each place I've lived has brought many new plants my way, but the joy of exploring a greenhouse, botanical garden, or even the plant section in the hardware store hasn't worn off. 

It's from that place of wonder and joy that Folia Collective has grown. I hope that through our shop, workshops, and plant-focused interior design services, you will find the life that plants can give to you and your home. 





Danae was an LA-based photographer and prop stylist when her obsession with plants, and desire to see people feel empowered to care for them, drove her to start Folia Collective. Most mornings you'll find her out zipping around wholesale plant nurseries searching for the best plants for the shop. In her not-so-distant-past, she served as the Editorial Director for the plantastic design blog Jungalow, where you'll some find some of her plant care advice in the Plant-o-Pedia column.

Favorite plant: Hoya obovata

Favorite plant spot: Garfield Park Conservatory

Favorite Folia product: Monstera Plant Profile Earrings




Bill spends most of his time hard at work on his PhD in New Testament Studies, but Danae occasionally ropes him into prepping plants in the shop, assisting at pop-ups, and lugging trees up stairs. In his free time, you’ll find him caring for his plant passion- the growing stag horn fern collection he’s building.

Favorite Plant: Platyceriums

Favorite Plant Spot: Rose Hills Foundation Conservatory

 Favorite Folia product: Mateo Pot




Mindy is passionate about making this world a brighter place. When she’s not at the shop or hanging at home with her husband and son, you might find her out exploring nature, thrifting, or working on creative projects. She enjoys learning about plants and having deep, meaningful conversations while connecting with the customers at Folia Collective.

Favorite plant: Euphorbia Trigona

Favorite plant spot: The Huntington Botanical Gardens

Favorite Folia product: Folia Canvas Tote




Maya comes from a background in content marketing and loves working with authentic brands like Folia. You'll find her building email campaigns, planning our next pop-up, or petting all the dogs who visit the shop.

Favorite plant: Epiphyllum anguliger

Favorite plant spot: Cloud Forest at The Huntington





Lindsay's love of plants sprouted a few years ago when she moved to Los Angeles and began a quest to create a home jungle. She is so happy to be part of the Folia team, building and sharing her plant knowledge. When she's not in the shop you'll likely find knitting and watching reality t.v.

Favorite plant: Aeschynanthus longicaulis

Favorite plant spot: Hortus Botanicus

Favorite Folia product: Cat in Plant Pin



Stella is an illustrator and designer who is passionate about plants. Her jungle obsession started after moving from Maine to California when she wanted to bring some of the forest into her home. When she’s not tending to her plants you’ll find her creating illustrations, reading sci fi novels, or hanging out with her two cats.

Favorite plant: Monstera deliciosa

Favorite plant spot: Conservatory of Flowers

Favorite Folia product: WkndLA Hooks