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    Summer visits to the nursery in my hometown hold a golden place in my mind. Wandering down the rows of plants, the shocking delight of the overhead watering system offering up its cooling mist, and my mother recounting the names as I asked about what seemed like every plant filling up those green houses.

    From that small town in Wyoming, to the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest, and now the rambling deserts of Southern California, each place I've lived has brought many new plants my way, but the joy of exploring a greenhouse, botanical garden, or even the plant section in the hardware store hasn't worn off. 

    It's from that place of wonder and joy that Folia Collective has grown since 2016. I hope that through our shop, workshops, and plant-focused interior design services, you will find the life that plants can give to you and your home. 





    DANAE HORST- Founder

    Danae's life-long love of plants and interior styling, paired with her desire to empower people to keep their plants happy and healthy, led her to start Folia in 2016. With her background as an interior photo stylist, photographer, and plant care columnist, Danae has guided tens of thousands of people to the right plants for their space and lifestyle. Her book, Houseplants For All, is available wherever books are sold. 

    Favorite plant: Hoya obovata

    Favorite plant spot: Garfield Park Conservatory

    Favorite Folia product: Propagation Magnets


    BILL HORST- Operations Supervisor

    Though lately he's in the shop most days, Bill's real career is as a professor of New Testament studies. In his free time, you’ll find him caring for his plant passion- the growing stag horn fern collection he’s building.

    Favorite Plant: Platyceriums

    Favorite Plant Spot: Rose Hills Foundation Conservatory

    Favorite Folia product: Moisture Meter


    LINDSAY LANTZ-ZAJAC- Lead Plant Stylist

    Lindsay's love of plants sprouted a few years ago when she moved to Los Angeles and began a quest to create a home jungle. She is so happy to be part of the Folia team, building and sharing her plant knowledge. When she's not in the shop you'll likely find her knitting and watching reality t.v.

    Favorite plant: Aeschynanthus longicaulis

    Favorite plant spot: Hortus Botanicus

    Favorite Folia product: Cat in Plant Pin


    JACOB FUENTES-NAVARRO- Plant Supervisor/TikTok Content Creator

    Jacob is an Puertorrican actor who is obsessed with epiphytic plants-mainly Aroids, orchids and recently, Hoyas. His interest started when he moved to Los Angeles after being away from home for some time and felt he needed to bring the tropics back to his home. If he’s not fiddling with his Orchidarium he is writing scripts and performing in plays or learning new things about the plants he loves so he can better care for them.

    Favorite Plant: Anthurium warocqueanum 

    Favorite Plant Spot: Conservatory of Flowers

    Favorite Folia Product: Plantopedia book


    ANAMARIA RAMOS- Shop Associate

    Anamaria has been indulging in her creative inclinations since her days as a child, playing make-believe in her backyard “jungle” in Northeast Los Angeles. She continues to be inspired by the nature that surrounds us, learning about herbal properties and channeling her creative forces into design, photography, music, and plants.

    Favorite plant: Monstera adansonii

    Favorite plant spot: Grand Canyon Walking Track- Blue Mountains, Australia

    Favorite Folia Product: Mini Mushrooms 


    SOPHIA YURDIN- Shop Associate

    Sophia is an LA native with a lifelong love of arid and desert plants. When she moved back to LA after college she wanted to bring the greenery of Michigan with her, and her houseplant obsession began. When she isn’t tending to her collection of succulents, she is spending time outside, finding interesting places to eat, or boxing.

    Favorite plant: Huernia zebrina

    Favorite plant spot: Joshua Tree National Park

    Favorite Folia product: Daisy Planter


    STELLA LONGFISH- Graphic Designer/Plant Care Post Author

    Stella is an illustrator and designer who is passionate about plants. Her jungle obsession started after moving from Maine to California when she wanted to bring some of the forest into her home. When she’s not tending to her plants you’ll find her creating illustrations, reading sci fi novels, or hanging out with her two cats.

    Favorite plant: Monstera deliciosa

    Favorite plant spot: Conservatory of Flowers

    Favorite Folia product: Modern Pruning Snips