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In-Store Services

We offer either complimentary potting, or drainage hole drilling for one item on purchases over $15 and potting/drainage hole drilling for all items on purchases over $100.  

Potting and Repotting

If you prefer to provide your own plant or planter, we will pot your plant for a small fee based on planter size.

Extra Small
2 to 3 Inch Planter
4 to 5 Inch Planter
6 to 7 Inch Planter
8 to 9 Inch Planter
Extra Large
10 to 12 Inch Planter


Drainage Holes

If you'd like to add a drainage hole to your planter, we will gladly drill one for you. Please note that some materials may not be suitable for drilling. We recommend using caution with vintage or handmade pottery.

$3 per hole