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Plant Know-How: Aglaonema 'Diamond'

Aglaonema diamond close
Aglaonema are sometimes overlooked for being "common" or "boring". We don't think there's anything boring or common about Aglaonema 'Diamond' though! Aglaonema 'Diamond' a cultivar of Aglaonema, meaning Aglaonema were selectively bred to create this striking white plant. You wont find Aglaonema 'Diamond' in the wild anywhere. This plant shares much of its care with its greener counterparts, but as you may have guessed it does require more light due to its white color. Even though Aglaonema 'Diamond' may require a little more attention than other Agloanema it still remains a pretty easy going plant. If you want to know the best way to take care of Aglaonema 'Diamond' we've got you covered!
aglaonema diamond wide


Light: Because of its color Aglaonema 'Diamond' requires bright indirect light to thrive. Without bright indirect light you may notice your plant losing some of its white color and begin to turn green.

Water: Allowing about 2/3 of the soil to go dry before watering. If you find part of your plant is thriving and another part seems to be struggling it may be caused by uneven watering. Make sure every time you water that the entire top of the soil is  saturated with water and that you are watering until the water runs out the drainage holes of the pot.

Did you know? Agloanema have a tendency to drop their lower leaves as they grow and develop interesting, trunk like growth habits. If your plant is doing this, don't fret! If the plant is healthy overall this is nothing to worry about. If you'd like to encourage your Algoanema to stay bushy make sure it's kept in bright indirect light!

Want to add something a little different to your indoor jungle? We have Aglaonema 'Diamond' available in-store!

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Plant Know-How: Aglaonema 'Diamond'
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