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Plant Know-How: Monstera adansonii

adansonii close
This hole-y plant is Monstera adansonii! If you've been keeping plants for any amount of time you're probably familiar with this unique plant. For a time Monstera adansonii was a the hard to find "it" plant. They've become easier to find now but are no less popular! With their interestingly fenestrated leaves and charming vining habit it's easy to see why this plant is so beloved! Monstera adansonii is the smaller cousin of Monstera deliciosa. Unlike Monstera deliciosa, Monstera adansonii has a vining habit, similar to the way Pothos grow. In the wild Monstera adansonii climbs up the trunks of trees, growing larger and more mature leaves the higher it gets. While you can certainly grow your Monstera adansonii as a trailing plant, replicating its natural climbing growth habit with a moss pole will help it to produce those large mature leaves in your home! No matter how you decide to grow your Monstera adansonii we've got all the info you'll need here to keep it happy and healthy!
Monstera adansonii wide


Light: Monstera adansonii does best in bright indirect light. If grown in lower light conditions your plant may produce smaller leaves without fenestrations.

Water: Water your plant when the top 1-2" of soil has gone dry. Plants grown in lower light conditions will need to be watered less frequently.

Did you know? There are different forms of Monstera adansonii! The two most commonly seen in cultivation are a wide leaf form (2nd photo in this post) and a narrow leaf form (first photo).

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