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Plant Know-How: Pilea peperomioides

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If you've been keeping plants for a while you probably know this plant! This is Pilea peperomioides. It wasn't long ago these plants were hard to get your hands on! Even though they're much easier to get now we don't think that makes them any less special. You might think from its name and appearance that Pilea peperomioides is related to Peperomia, but it actually isnt! While it may be in the Pilea family its species name,  peperomioides, actually means Peperomia-like! Another name for Pilea peperomioides is The Friendship Plant because it produces so many baby plants. Pilea peperomioides will produce offshoots from both its trunk and from rhizomes under the soil. You might run out of friends before you run out of plants to share! If you want to learn how to care for this plant to share with your friends we've got all the info you'll need!
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Light: Pilea peperomioides does best when grown in bright indirect light. If grown in medium light you'll need to water less often than if your plant is grown in brighter light.

Water: Because of its thick, succulent leaves your Pilea peperomioides should be allowed to go almost completely dry in-between watering. When Pilea peperomioides is thirsty the leaves will be noticeably softer and look droopier.

Did you know? Pilea peperomioides flowers! It produces clusters of tiny, delicate white flowers!

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