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Plant Know-How: Strelitzia nicolai

Strelitzia nicolai wide
You might be more familiar with this plants flower than with its foliage. Strelitzia nicolai, commonly known as Bird of Paradise, is more recognizable for its bright orange flowers than it is for its broad leaves. Strelitzia nicolai hails from hot and humid tropical regions where it often grows in full sun. For this reason it's not uncommon to see Strelitizia nicolai grown as a landscape plant here in Los Angeles. Just because this plant does well in full sun doesn't mean it can't also be grown indoors. Strelitzia nicolai is ideal for any bright, warm areas of your home where other houseplants might wilt. Wether you want to keep Strelitzia nicolai in your home or outdoors we have some tips to help your new plant thrive!
Strelitzia nicolai small


Light: Strelitzia nicolai does best in bright light. If grown outdoors it will do best with direct sunlight, but may need to be shielded from afternoon direct sunlight to prevent burning. If kept indoors place your plant somewhere it will ideally get bright indirect light. Strelitzia nicolai requires very bright light to bloom, because of this they are very unlikely to bloom indoors.

Water: Allow your Strelitzia nicolai to go almost completely dry inbetween watering. If you keep your Strelitzia nicolai outdoors it will require more frequent watering than if kept indoors.

Did you know? Streliztia nicolai don't just produce orange flowers. There is a variety known as the White Bird of Paradise that produces white flowers!