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Plant Know-How: Philodendron 'Congo'

Philodendron congo rojo
Philodendron 'Congo' has become a houseplant staple, and for good reason. These easy going Philodendrons make excellent beginner plants, and their broad shiny leaves brighten up any home. Unlike many other Philodendrons, Philodendron 'Congo' is not a climbing plant and stays relatively bushy and compact throughout its life time. While it may stay compact that doesn't mean Philodendron 'Congo' stays small. It may not be as tall as your Fiddle-leaf Fig but Philodendron 'Congo' can grow up to two or three feet tall and just as wide across. Mature specimens make for arresting statement plants. There are also a wide range of cultivars of Philodendron 'Congo', such as 'Rojo Congo' and 'Prince of Orange' so there's a plant to fit any home or decor!
philodendron congo


Light: Philodendron 'Congo' does best in medium to bright indirect light. The green 'Congo' variety may handle lower light conditions better than cultivars such as "Rojo Congo'.

Water: Water your Philodendron 'Congo' when about half to nearly all of the soil has gone dry. Philodendron 'Congo' are pretty easy going plants and do not require any added humidity.

Did you know? You may notice your plant producing what looks like small beads of water from the underside of the leaf or along the stem. These droplets along your plant are actually nectar that the plant secretes from pores called extrafloral nectaries. In the wild this nectar is used to attract ants who in turn leave organic material among the roots of the plant that fertilize it! Don't worry though- these extrafloral nectaries wont attract any ants into your home!

Want to add one of these easy going houseplant staples to your home? We have both 'Congo' and 'Rojo Congo' available! We are open for in-store shopping for you to pick out your perfect plant!