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Plant Know-How: Aglaonema 'Lady Valentine'

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Aglaonema are a staple in the house plant world. This hardy tropical is often used in interior plant design. It's not uncommon to see them in restaurants, malls, and dotting shelves in clothing stores. Aglaonema 'Lady Valentine' is a stand out among most Aglanoema cultivars. While the majority are shades of green, 'Lady Valentine' is pink, with individual plants ranging from deep blush to almost white. The care for your Aglaonema 'Lady Valentine' is fairly similar to its green counterparts, with a few differences to keep in mind. This pink cutie is perfectly suited to both newbie plant parents and seasoned pink plant lovers alike!
Agloanema wide


Light: While Aglaonema is often included on lists of low light tolerant plants, you'll want to keep Agloanema 'Lady Valentine' in medium to bright indirect light. This cultivar requires brighter light to maintain its pink color. Generally the brighter the light your plant gets the deeper pink the color will be. Be careful to keep the leaves from any direct sun, as they will burn.

Water: Allow about half of the soil to dry before watering again. When you are watering make sure that the soil is fully saturated and allowed to flow from the drainage holes to ensure your plant is properly hydrated. Often times multiple plants are potted together in a single pot to create a fuller look. Fully saturating your soil ensures that all the plants in the pot are getting equally watered.

Did you know? If your Aglaonema 'Lady Valentine' is grown in very low light it wont only lose its signature pink color it can also drop leaves and grow tall and sparse. To ensure a full, bushier plant make sure to keep your plant in a brighter spot!

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