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Plant Know-How: Alluaudia procera

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This spiky plant is Alluaudia procera, an extremely unique and interesting desert dweller from Madagascar! Alluaudia procera is sometimes referred to as the Madagascar Ocotillo because it very closely resembles our Southern California native Ocotillo. While the two plants closely resemble each other they are not closely related! Alluaudia procera is native to the arid deserts in southern Madagascar, where it is a favorite food source for lemurs. In the wild these amazing plants can grow upwards of 60 feet! Don't worry though, your Alluaudia procera grown at home wont exceed 10 feet. This tough desert plant needs much different care than your indoor tropicals, but Alluaudia procera is by no means a difficult plant once you understand its care! If you're new to succulents or just need a refresher we have all the care info you'll need!

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Light: Alluaudia procera is a plant that can be grown outdoors in full sun. If you're growing your Alluaudia procera indoors give it direct sun to very bright indirect light.

Water: Allow your Alluaudia procera to go completely dry in-between watering. How often you water will be dependent on your plant's growing conditions. If grown outdoors in the summer months your plant may need to be watered once a week, while a plant grown indoors may only need watering once every other week or even less. When in doubt about when to water your Alluaudia procera wait another week.

Did you know? In the winter months Alluaudia procera may go dormant. During this time Alluaudia procera will drop all of its leaves. When this happens stop watering. Once your plant beings to produce new leaves you can start to water again!

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