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Plant Know-How: Alocasia amazonica 'Bambino'

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At first glance you may think this is your average Alocasia amazonica, but this little plant is actually Alocasia amazonica 'Bambino', a cultivar of Alocasia amazonica! Being a cultivar means that Alocasia amazonica 'Bambino' was developed in cultivation by selective breeding and is not naturally occurring. Alocasia amazonica 'Bambino' is a dwarf variety of the already relatively small Alocasia amazonica. This little plant wont get much larger than a 12" tall, so if you love the lush look of giant Alocasia but live in a small apartment this is the perfect plant for you. Alocasia can oftentimes be intimidating plants to keep, but we think they're so beautiful they're worth the challenge! We've got all the information you need here to keep your Alocasia amazonica 'Bambino' happy for years to come!

 alocasia amazonica bambino wide


Light: Alocasia amazonica 'Bambino' needs bright, indirect light. It may grow in medium indirect light but you will need to be mindful of how often your plant is watered.

Water: Water your Alocasia amazonica 'Bambino' when about half to 3/4 of the soil has gone dry. Like all Alocasia, Alocasia amazonica 'Bambino' requires added humidity to thrive. Because of its small size Alocasia amazonica 'Bambino' is the ideal plant for keeping in a closed environment like a cloche or terrarium. You can also keep humidity high by placing it near a humidifier or keeping it in a well lit bathroom.

Did you know? Alocasia are known for being prone to spider mites. Spider mites thrive in dry conditions, so keeping your Alocasia amazonica 'Bambino' somewhere with high humidity is not only good for your plant but also helps to keep spider mites at bay! If your Alocasia amazonica 'Bambino' does ever come down with spider mites we recommend using neem oil or an insect spray like End All to treat your plant.

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