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Plant Know-How: Aphelandra squarrosa

Aphelandra squarrosa close
This stripey plant is Aphelandra squarrosa, commonly called Zebra Plant (you can probably guess why!). It's primarily grown for its large, beautiful striped leaves. Aphelandra squarrosa is native to the rainforests of Brazil where it grows in moist and humid conditions. Because Aphelandra squarrosa is adapted to growing in these moist and humid conditions it can sometimes be finicky in our drier homes. This is a plant that will need some help in the humidity department. Aphelandra squarrosa may not be the best plant for beginners, but we think if you've got some plant skills under your belt it's well worth the extra effort!
Aphelandra squarrosa wide


Light: Aphelandra squarrosa does best in bright indirect light. It can be grown in medium indirect light but it may not flower.

Water: Aphelandra squarrosa is a plant that doesn't ever want to go completely dry. Water your plant when about 1/3 of the soil has gone dry. Like we mentioned before Aphelandra squarrosa needs higher humidity to thrive. Place your Aphelandra squarrosa near a humidifier or in a bright bathroom to achieve higher humidity.

Did you know? Aphelandra squarrosa has more going for it than just its beautiful leaves. If grown in bright indirect light your Aphelandra squarrosa will eventually produce bracts of bright yellow flowers! In fact many of our plants in store now are getting ready to bloom!

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