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Plant Know-How: Asplenium antiquum

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This beautiful fern is Asplenium antiquum! This epiphytic fern is commonly called the Bird's Nest Fern, and you can probably guess why! Asplenium antiquum is native to Asia where it grows in humid forests, often growing along the branches of trees. The bird's nest like shape that this fern has helps it to collect different detritus from the forest around it which breaks down and in turn fertilizes the plant!  If you love the look of ferns but have never had very good luck with them give Asplenium antiquum a try. In a home setting Asplenium antiquum tends to be hardier and more forgiving than some other ferns. This is definitely a much different fern than a Maidenhair Fern! If you're interested in mounted plants this is a great choice for you as well! Because Asplenium antiquum is an epiphytic fern it grows really well mounted, and it's super fun to watch it grow in the way it would in the wild! If you're ready to give this fern a try we've got all the care info here you'll need!
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Light: Asplenium antiquum does best in medium to bright indirect light. Be sure to keep your plant away from any direct sun as the tender fronds will burn! 

Water: Like most ferns Asplenium antiquum likes to stay on the moister side. Water your plant when the top inch of soil has gone dry. Be sure to keep water from getting into the center of the plant as this may cause rot. This is a plant that will appreciate some added humidity. Keep your Asplenium antiquum in a well lit bathroom or next to a humidifier to give it the humidity it craves!

Did you know? Asplenium antiquum is pet safe! Perfect for any curious kitties or pups in your life!

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