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Plant Know-How: Beaucarnea recurvata

Beaucarnea recurvata wide
This funky Dr. Suess-esque plant is Beaucarnea recurvata, commonly known as the Ponytail Palm! Despite what its common name might lead you to believe Beaucarnea recurvata isn't related to true palms at all. Beaucarnea recurvata is an arid loving plant native to Mexico. You might have guessed from its large thick trunk that this is a desert plant. That large trunk is called a caudex, it's an adaptation Beaucarnea recurvata has for storing water and surviving in dry conditions. If you're a chronic under waterer this is a great plant for you! Because it's adapted for sunny, hot desert conditions Beaucarnea recurvata has some different care needs than your usual tropical house plant. This is a great plant if you have a hot and sunny spot in your home that no other plant can withstand. Beaucarnea recurvata are slow growing with a lot of character and only grow more unique and interesting over time. This is a really rewarding plant to nurture and grow. If you want to add one of these plants into your home we've got all the info here you'll need!
Beaucarnea recurvata 6 inch


Light: Beaucarnea recurvata needs full sun to bright indirect light. Beaucarnea recurvata does great outside!

Water: As we said before Beaucarnea recurvata has a caudex for storing water so this is not a plant you want to be watering often! Make sure the soil is completely dry before watering. If you're on the fence about watering wait another week, your Beaucarnea recurvata wont mind sitting dry for a little while!
Did you know? Beaucarnea recurvata is pet safe! Which is great because its springy leaves can be a real cat magnet!
Ready to bring home this unique desert dweller? We have  Beaucarnea recurvata available in-store!