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Plant Know-How: Caladium

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No doubt these vibrant Caladium leaves have caught your eye before. These beautiful plants comes in a huge range of shocking and vibrant colors and patterns. In fact there are over 1000 cultivars of Caladium that exist. It's hard not to be tempted by this sumptuous foliage, we find ourselves tempted by them every year! Caladium are a member of the Aroid family and are closely related to Alocasia. Like their cousin Alocasia, Caladium are also a humidity loving plant. Caladium require a level of specialized care that many other plants don't. That can sometimes put people off, but we think with the right knowledge you can keep your Caladium happy for a long time!
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Light: Caladium do best with bright, indirect light to maintain their bright colors. They may be grown in medium indirect light but they may not be as vibrant.

Water: Water your caladium when about half of the pot has gone dry. With their long stems and large leaves Caladiums will look noticeably droopy when they're starting to go dry. Caladium also require added humidity to keep their luxurious leaves looking as good as possible. Place them near a humidifier or in a bright bathroom to maintain high humidity.

Did you know: Caladium grow from tubers, a root structure similar to bulbs, and require a period of dormancy. Some people grow Caladiums similar to cut flowers and toss them when they begin to go dormant, but we think with the right knowledge taking care of these unique plants is easy! And the cycle of dormancy only makes those spectacular leaves even more special. When your plant begins to go dormant you'll notice the leaves beginning to die off. Once there is no foliage left simply move your plant somewhere cool and dry. After a period of time you'll notice new shoots beginning to sprout from the soil. Move your plant back into the light and begin to water again and in no time you'll have a full pot of beautiful Caladium leaves! 

Ready to bring one of these gem like plants into your home? We have a wide range of cultivars and sizes available in-store! We are open for in person shopping so you can come and pick out your perfect Caladium!