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Plant Know-How: Calathea warscewiczii

Calathea warscewiczii close
Calathea warscewiczii might have one of the hardest to pronounce names of any plant. This velvety plant is part of the Marantacea family, which are often referred to as prayer plants for the opening and closing motions their leaves make in correspondence with the time of day. When kept in your home you'll notice your Calathea  warscewiczii opening it's leaves at the beginning of the day and closing them up at night. Another trait Calathea are known for is their need for high humidity. In their natural habitat Calathea grow along dim, humid forest floors. This need for high humidity is a reason why Calathea get a reputation for being high maintenance. While the care for Calathea  warscewiczii might be a little more specialized than others, given the right care they can thrive in your home!
Calathea warscewiczii wide


Light: Calathea warscewiczii will do best in medium indirect light. If kept in bright light Calathea warscewiczii may dry out too quickly and lose its patterning on the leaves.

Water: Make sure your Calathea warscewiczii never goes completely dry. Water when about the top 1-2" of soil has gone dry. Added humidity is necessary to ensure your Calathea warscewiczii stays happy! Place your Calathea warscewiczii near a humidifier, place it above a pebble tray, or keep it in a well lit bathroom!

Did you know? Calathea are notoriously susceptible to spider mites. Spider mites thrive in dry conditions, so keeping your Calathea warscewiczii in high humidity will keep it happy and help to prevent spider mites!