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Plant Know-How: Ceropegia linearis

Ceropegia linearis wide
You may not recognize this plant, but you're probably familiar with its cousin Ceropegia woodii. This is Ceropegia linearis, a species of Ceropegia that we are just beginning to see in cultivation! Ceropegia linearis is a succulent-like plant that is native to South Africa where it thrives in bright and dry conditions. Replicating those conditions is the easiest way to have a happy and healthy Ceropegia linearis. This is a plant that will do well in a sunny spot in your house or a shady spot outside. Much like its cousin Ceropegia woodii, Ceropegia linearis can grow to very long lengths. A healthy and well taken care of Ceropegia linearis makes for a real center piece specimen! If you're dreaming of a cascading Ceropegia linearis we have all the care info you'll need to make those dreams come true!
Ceropegia linearis close


Light: Ceropegia linearis needs bright indirect light if grown indoors. If grown outdoors make sure to protect your Ceropegia linearis from strong afternoon direct sun as it may burn the leaves.

Water: Like many other succulent plants Ceropegia linearis wants to go completely dry in-between watering. Because Ceropegia linearis' leaves are thinner than some of its relatives it's best not to let it sit dry for too long.

Did you know? Ceropegia linearis produces strange, tubular flowers. These flowers very closely resemble the flowers of Ceropegia woodii!

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