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Plant Know-How: Dieffenbachia

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Dieffenbachia seem to be one of those houseplants you can find almost anywhere. Be it a big box nursery, a local grower, or even your grocery store. Dieffenbachia are well loved for their patterned leaves and the huge amount of cultivars that exist, each with a different striking look. Hailing from warm tropical forests, this Aroid thrives in similar conditions to many of the tropical plants we keep in our homes. While it might resemble something like an Aglaonema, Dieffenbachia can sometimes prove to be a trickier plant to keep. Dieffenbachia can be sensitive to changes and this can lead to yellowing leaves and unhappy plant parents. Given the proper care these plants can live for a long time and grow to upwards of six feet. Read on to learn how to care for these spotted beauties!
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Light: Place your Dieffenbachia somewhere it will get bright, indirect light. Make sure to avoid any direct light as the large leaves will burn. Dieffenbachia may tolerate medium indirect light but be mindful of how often your plant is watered if kept in lower light conditions.

Water: Water when about half of the soil has gone dry. Dieffenbachia do not like to sit in soggy soil. In the winter months when days are shorter you may need to water less. Make sure you check the soil every time before watering.

Did you know? Dieffenbachia are sometimes called Dumb Cane. This is because of a chemical compound produced by the plant which if ingested can cause numbness in the mouth and impair speech. This compound isn't poisonous! Just a mild irritant. This is definitely one you'll want to keep away from curious kids and pets!