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Plant Know-How: Dischidia ruscifolia

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Dischidia ruscifolia is often referred to as the Million Hearts Plant, and we couldn't think of a better name for such a cute plant! Dischidia ruscifolia is in the same family as Hoya and has very similar care. Often times it can even be a little difficult to tell Hoya and Dischidia apart from each other! The easiest way to tell is by their respective flowers, Hoya produce large clusters of flowers, whereas Dischidia flowers are much smaller in comparison and are often tubular in shape. Like Hoya, Dischidia are also epiphytic in nature and grow along the bark of trees in their natural habitat. If you've mastered keeping Hoya, or even started to get the hang of them, we think you'll love Dischidia! We've got information on the care of Dischidia ruscifolia here to set you up for success!
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Light: Keep your Dischidia ruscifolia in medium to bright indirect light. For the variegated variety be sure to keep it in bright indirect light, it may revert in a lower light setting.

Water: Like Hoya, Dischidia do not want to be sitting in wet soil all the time. Water your Dischidia ruscifolia when nearly all of the soil has gone completely dry. Be sure to give your plant a thorough soak whenever you water!

Did you know? The flowers Dischidia ruscifolia produces are teeny tiny white flowers that grow along the vine. We think they're super adorable!

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