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Plant Know-How: Dracaena goldieana

dracaena goldieana wide
You may be familiar with Dracaena, but you've probably never seen this stripey species! This is Dracaena goldieana, a fairly uncommon variety of Dracaena.  Dracaena goldieana has the same upward growth habit of its relatives, and given time can grow to nearly 10 feet tall! This is a great choice if you want some height in your home but don't want to deal with high maintenance trees. Dracaena goldieana requires care similar to other Dracaena with a few exceptions. If you're familiar with Dracaena you probably know that they're easy plants that like to go fully dry in-between watering and are tolerant of a wide range of lighting conditions. Dracaena goldieana is a little pickier than its relatives, but by no means an impossible plant to keep! Despite its difference in care Dracaena goldieana remains an easy plant, and to ensure your success we've got all the care info here you'll need!
Dracaena goldieana close


Light: Unlike some other Dracaena which can be kept in low light, Dracaena goldieana should be kept in bright indirect light to maintain its color. It may grow in medium indirect light but you may lose some of its distinct stripes.

Water: Dracaena goldieana does not want to go completely dry like other Dracaena. Water your Dracaena goldieana when about 1/3 of the soil has gone dry.

Did you know? Your Dracaena goldieana may begin to lean towards the sun. To prevent this and maintain straight plant give it a 1/4 turn every week!

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