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Plant Know-How: Epipremnum aureum 'N'Joy'

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No doubt you're familiar with this plant! This is Epipremnum aureum 'N'Joy', a cultivated variety of the commonly kept Pothos. Epipremnum aureum is truly a staple in the house plant world. A hardy, forgiving plant, Epipremnum aureum is often chosen or gifted to beginners as a first plant. Epipremnum aureum 'N'Joy' shares much of the same ease of care with its green counterpart. Epipremnum aureum 'N'Joy' is a cultivare of Epipremnum aureum meaning it was selectively bred for its variegated color and does not appear naturally in the wild. It's variegated color does mean it requires slightly different care than the all green Epipremnum aureum, but we don't think that makes it any more difficult to keep! Wether you're a seasoned plant parent or just dipping your toe into the plant world we think Epipremnum aureum is a great choice!
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Light: Epipremnum aureum 'N'Joy' does best in bright, indirect light. Unlike the all green Epipremnum aureum which can do medium to even lower light levels, 'N'Joy' needs to be kept in brighter conditions because of it's color. If kept in lower light Epipremnum aureum 'N'Joy' can lose the white coloring on its leaves and revert to an all green plant.

Water: Water your plant when the soil has gone almost completely dry. Epipremnum aureum 'N'Joy' is a hardy plant, so don't worry if you forgot to water for a few days! Just give it a big soak and your plant will be just fine!

Did you know? When grown in the wild Epipremnum aureum will attach itself to the trunks of trees and grow upwards. As it does this it develops larger, mature leaves which can develop fenestration similar to Monstera deliciosa!

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