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Plant Know-How: Euphorbia trigona

Euphorbia trigona close
Euphorbia trigona may look like a cactus, but don't be fooled! Even though Euphorbia look a lot like a cactus they aren't actually cacti. Euphorbia and cacti are from similar environments and deal with similar growing conditions which accounts for their similarity to cacti. Euphorbia differ from cacti in that they secret a milky latex, have thorns rather than spines, and produce small rather insignificant flowers while cacti generally produce large showy flowers. Euphorbia trigona, like many other Euphorbia, flourishes in cultivation if given the right conditions. This plant is perfect for anyone who wants to bring a little desert into their life. We've got all of the info you'll need to keep your Euphorbia trigona flourishing!
Euphorbia trigona wide


Light: Euphorbia trigona requires bright indirect light to direct light. This plant is one that you can grow outside in direct sun. If grown outside be sure to protect your Euphorbia trigona from direct sun in the afternoon, as the harsh afternoon light may burn your plant.

Water: Allow your plant to go completely dry in-between watering. Euphorbia trigona is a desert dweller and is used to periods of drought. Your plant will do its best when your watering habits mimic its natural habitat!

Did you know? If bumped or damaged you'll notice your plant will bleed a milky substance. This milky latex is toxic and a skin irritant and should be handled carefully to keep it from coming in contact with your skin or eyes. This is a plant you'll want to keep away from curious kids and pets!

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