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Plant Know-How: Faucaria tigrina

Faucaria tigrina

This adorable little succulent is Faucaria tigrina, which is commonly called the Tiger Jaws succulent. With its cute jaw-like leaves its easy to see how it gets its name! Faucaria tigrina may look fearsome and spiky, but because it is a succulent and not a cactus, it lacks spines. Its tooth-like appendages are actually soft and completely harmless. Faucaria tigrina is native to South Africa where it grows in deserts in arid conditions. Because of this Faucaria tigrina is well suited to going through long stretches without water. Because succulents and cacti are adapted to extreme conditions they're often marketed as "unkillable" plants. While Faucaria tigrina may be a lower maintenance plant that doesn't mean doesn't need care! All plants have needs and understanding those is the key to plant success! We've got all the info here to help you better understand Faucaria tigrina's needs and set you up for a happy and healthy plant!



Light: If grown outdoors Faucaria tigrina does best in direct sun, but may need to be shielded from harsh afternoon sun to prevent sunburn. If grown indoors Faucaria tigrina will require very bright indirect light to direct sun.

Water: How often you water your Faucaria tigrina is dependant on how much light your plant gets. If grown outdoors in direct sun water your plant around once a week. If grown indoors you'll want to water much less. Check the soil around every other week, and only water once the soil is completely dry. In the winter months you'll want to cut back on watering significantly.

Did you know? Faucaria tigrina produces a very cute, daisy like yellow flower! The flower is produced right at the center of the "jaws"!

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