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Plant Know-How: Ficus lyrata

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For many people this was the plant that got them interested in keeping houseplants. This is Ficus lyrata, or the Fiddle Leaf Fig! Not too long ago this was the "It" plant. You couldn't go anywhere without seeing one, wether it was in a trendy shop, a new restaurant, or your friend's chic home. The fervor for Ficus lyrata has died down a little, but that's not to say they aren't popular anymore! Despite its sometimes finicky demeanor Ficus lyrata remains well loved. We can understand why they've developed a bit of a following. Ficus lyrata produces really gorgeous, huge leaves and can grow into a true indoor tree making for a beautiful statement piece in any home. We think these fantastic qualities make its particular nature worth it! Ficus lyrata, and Ficus in general, have some eccentricities that make them a unique challenge. These certainly aren't impossible plants to keep! We've compiled all the care info you'll need to demystify this stunning plant and set you and your Ficus lyrata up for success!
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Light: Ficus lyrata needs bright indirect light. Ficus in general is a genus that really needs a lot of bright indirect light to thrive. Your Ficus lyrata may grow in medium indirect light but it will not grow as fast and the lower light conditions may lead to a weaker plant that is more susceptible to pests such as spider mites.

Water: Ficus lyrata wants to go almost completely dry in-between watering. If your Ficus lyrata, or any other member of the genus, is dropping leaves there's a good chance your plant is staying wet for too long. If your plant is being grown in bright indirect light you may need to water once a week, but always be sure to check your soil before you water. When you do water, water deeply and be sure to water evenly.

Did you know? If your brand new Ficus lyrata begins to drop leaves once you bring it home, don't freak out! Ficus lyrata is not a fan of big changes, and moving from a green house with bright light and high humidity to your darker, dryer home is a big change for it! Give it some time and it should adjust! A great way to ensure a long life with your Ficus lyrata is to start small. Smaller, younger plants (think 4" or 6") have an easier time acclimating to your home and will be able to grow and thrive in your home conditions easier!

Feeling confident in your Ficus lyrata skills? Ready to add one to your home? We have small 4" Ficus lyrata available in-store that are ready to thrive and grow with you!