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Plant Know-How: Hoya carnosa

Hoya carnosa wide
Hoya carnosa is probably the most widely available Hoya. It's oftentimes called a beginner Hoya because of its ease of care and widespread cultivation. While it may be a common Hoya we don't think that makes it any less special! Hoya carnosa has been in cultivation for a long time and many cultivars have been developed. From variegated cultivars to cultivars like 'Krinkle 8" with unique pea pod shaped leaves. Like other species in the genus Hoya carnosa grows as an epiphyte. Because of this Hoya carnosa will grow best in your home when grown in a chunky well draining mix or as a mounted plant. Hoya carnosa is a great plant for those starting out on their plant journey and seasoned plant parents alike.
Hoya carnosa krinkle 8


Light: Hoya carnosa does best in bright indirect light. It can be grown in medium indirect light but it will need to be watered less frequently and will not flower.

Water: Allow your Hoya carnosa to go almost completely dry in-between watering. Unlike other succulent type plants like Sansevieria, Hoya carnosa does not want to to be left completely dry for too long. Make sure to thoroughly soak your plant when watering!

Did you know? Hoya carnosa, like other members of the genus, produces large fragrant clusters of flowers. Hoya carnosa flowers are white to pink and produce a deep chocolate scent!

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