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Plant Know-How: Hoya curtisii

hoya curtisii wide
If you've been following us for a while you know we love Hoya, and Hoya curtisii is no exception. This unique and adorable Hoya can sometimes be hard to come by and we're so excited to finally have some more in the shop! Hoya curtisii, like other Hoya, is a tropical epiphyte that is adapted to growing in humid jungles. In the wild you would see mounds of Hoya curtisii covering branches. Even when grown as a hanging plant in soil you still get a little bit of that fun scrambling type growth. Just give it time and watch as your small Hoya curtisii quickly covers the top of its pot in new foliage. There's nothing quite so satisfying has watching your Hoya curtisii go from a few strands to a lush and cascading plant. Hoya curtisii has similar care to many of its Hoya cousins, but does have a few quirks. We've got all the info here that you'll need to ensure your Hoya curtisii thrives!
Hoya curtisii close


Light: Hoya curtisii, like most Hoya, does best in bright indirect light. When grown in bright indirect light you have a higher chance of your plant blooming along with your plant developing purple or red-ish backs to its leaves. You can grow Hoya curtisii in medium indirect light but it will never produce these things.

Water: Allow your Hoya curtisii to go about 3/4 of the way dry before watering. Allowing Hoya to go too dry for too long can lead to roots dying off, so don't let your Hoya get too thirsty! Whenever you water make sure you are giving a thorough drink and fully saturating all of the soil. Hoya curtisii is a Hoya that appreciates a little bit of added humidity as well. Place it near a humidifier or in a bright bathroom to help keep humidity high!

Did you know? The flowers of Hoya curtisii have a lovely, lemony fragrance!