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Plant Know-How: Hoya obovata

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You probably know by now how much we love Hoya, and Hoya obovata is no exception. This Hoya, with its cute round leaves, is one of our favorites in the genus (and one of Danae's all-time favorite plants). Like most Hoya, Hoya obovata is an epiphytic species that will appreciate being planted in an airy, well draining mix. It can even be grown as a mounted plant! Given time and the right care Hoya obovata will reward you with long vines and even flowers! Hoya obovata is probably up there with Hoya carnosa or Hoya pubicalyx in terms of ease of care. This is a great first Hoya for anyone who has been eager to dip their toes into the genus! Wether you're a seasoned Hoya expert looking to refresh your knowledge or a new Hoya fan looking to learn, more we've got all the information here for you to keep a happy Hoya obovata!
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Light: Hoya obovata will grow best in bright indirect light. You can grow Hoya obovata in medium indirect light but it will most likely never flower and you will need to be diligent in checking the soil before watering. The less light a plant receives the slower it will use the water in the soil.

Water: Allow your Hoya obovata to go completely dry in-between watering. Hoya obovata, and most Hoya in general, do not like to sit in soggy soil. This is why it's best to plant your Hoya obovata in an airy, well draining potting mix.

Did you know? Hoya obovata, like all Hoya, is pet safe!

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