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Plant Know-How: Hoya retusa

hoya retusa wide
You may think you're looking at a pot full of cat grass here, but don't be fooled! This is Hoya retusa, a Hoya that is very different looking from ones you may be more familiar with! Hoya retusa is native to India where it grows at high altitudes and experiences colder temperatures than many of its relatives. This difference in growing conditions Hoya retusa has evolved for makes its care a little different than your typical Hoya. We think it's well worth the time and effort though, as mature specimens can grow into large plants with beautiful cascading growth. Hoya retusa is an epiphyte like many other Hoya and a great choice to grow mounted as opposed to in soil. No matter how you choose to grow your Hoya retusa we have all the info on the care you'll need!
Hoya retusa close


Light: Hoya retusa does best when grown in medium to bright indirect light. Hoya retusa will not bloom in medium indirect light, so if you'd like yours to bloom we recommend bright indirect light! 

Water: Because of its thin leaves Hoya retusa requires water slightly more frequently than its more succulent leaved relatives. We recommend watering your Hoya retusa when about 1/2 of the soil has gone dry. If your plant is mounted it will need to be watered at least once a week, possibly more depending on the amount of light it receives.

Did you know? Like all other Hoya, Hoya retusa flowers! Unlike most Hoya though it doesn't produce a cluster of flowers. Instead it produces a single flower from each peduncle. The flowers have a lovely jasmine-like scent!

Want to add something a little different to your Hoya collection? We have Hoya retusa available in-store!