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Plant Know-How: Monolena primuliflora

Monolena close
Monolena primuliflora is a plant you might not have seen before. This very unique plant has only recently made its debut onto the house plant scene. Monolena primuliflora is an epiphytic ant plant that is native to Ecuador and Peru. These plants grow attached to the branches of trees where they form a caudex that serves as a habitation for ants. These plants form a symbiotic relationship with ants where they provide shelter and in turn the ants bring in food and deposit waste that fertilizes the plant. If you're worried about your Monolena primuliflora attracting ants, don't fret! Ant plants do not attract ants they've simply evolved to produce these structures that house ants in their natural habitats. This truly unique plant has something for everyone, but it does require some specialized care. Read on to learn how to care for this strange and wonderful plant!
Monolena underneath


Light: Monolena primuliflora requires bright, indirect light to grow. 

Water: Unlike your typical caudex forming plant Monolena primuliflora should never be allowed to go dry. Keep soil evenly moist. If allowed to go dry Monolena primuliflora may begin to go dormant and drop its foliage. This is also a plant that requires high humidity. If you have a large enough vessel this is a great plant to grow in a terrarium or under a cloche. You can also raise the humidity by growing it next to a humidifier or above a pebble tray.

Did you know? Monolena primuliflora produces delicate, interesting flowers. These flowers are produced on long spikes and range from pale pink to magenta!

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