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Plant Know-How: Monstera deliciosa

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This plant really needs no introduction. This is Monstera deliciosa, arguably one of the most beloved and well known houseplants! There's a reason Monstera deliciosa is so iconic and well loved, this plant tends to be hardy and easy going, a great choice for even novice plant lovers! Monstera deliciosa is native to Mexico and South America where it grows up the trunks of trees. Those long aerial roots you may have noticed your Monstera growing are what they use in the wild to adhere themselves to trees! As Monstera deliciosa grows up the trunks of those trees and matures it develops fenestrations, or its iconic holes and split leaves! If your Monstera at home has yet to develop any splits, don't fret! The leaves on Monstera deliciosa split as the plant matures. Give your plant a spot with bright indirect light, or give it a moss pole to mimic its natural growth habit, and you should see splits in no time! We really love this plant and think you will too! If you have your first Monstera deliciosa, or just need a little refresher on their care, we have all the info here you'll need!
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Light: Monstera deliciosa thrives in bright indirect light. It can be grown in medium indirect light but the plant will not grow as fast and you may not see as many splits in your leaves. 

Water: Water your Monstera deliciosa when the top 1/3 of the soil has gone dry. These are pretty hardy plants, so if you miss a watering or two it wont wilt and die on you! If you're feeling unsure of when to water we recommend a moisture meter. It's a great way to know when your plants need to be watered and for you to learn the schedule of your plants!

Did you know? Monstera deliciosa produces edible fruit! The fruit if often described as tasting like a fruit salad because it tastes like a mix of different tropical fruits! 

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