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Plant Know-How: Nematanthus gregarius

Columnea nematanthus
Nematanthus gregarius, or Goldfish Plant, is a plant your grandmother may have had when you were a kid. Nematanthus gregarius may not be quite as in as they once were but we think they're a really cool plant to have in your home! This plant gets the nickname of Goldfish Plant for its waxy, goldfish shaped flowers it produces! These adorable flowers really brighten up the plant and are a welcome addition in these winter months. Nematanthus gregarius is fairly easy to take care of, it'll appreciate a warm and sunny spot in your house and reward you with shiny leaves and tons of blooms! This is a plant well suited to both newbie plant parents and experienced keepers alike. We've got all of the info here you'll need to enjoy Nematanthus gregarius' goldfish flowers for many years!
Nematanthus gregarius close


Light: Nematanthus gregarius does best in bright indirect light. It may be grown in slightly lower light conditions but you may not get many flowers, if any.

Water: Allow the soil to go dry about 1/4 of the way down before watering your plant.

Did you know? Nematanthus gregarius is a pet safe plant! No need to hide this one away from any curious kitties or pups.

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