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Plant Know-How: Oxalis triangularis

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Nothing quite heralds the approach of spring like the happy, butterfly-esque foliage of Oxalis triangularis. This delicate leafed plant is seasonally available and tends to show up in stores when the weather begins to warm. Commonly called shamrock or clover, Oxalis triangularis isn't actually related to the clovers you see in lawns and fields. Oxalis triangularis is native to South America, making it a tropical plant like many of the other plants we keep indoors. While it may be a tropical plant, Oxalis triangularis is a little different than your typical house plant and requires some more specialized care. Read on to learn how to best care for this Spring-y plant!

Oxalis wide


Light: Oxalis triangularis requires bright, indirect light. The purple cultivar of Oxalis triangularis better tolerates lower light conditions than its green counterpart.

Water: Water your Oxalis triangularis when the top 1-2" of soil has gone dry. Oxalis triangularis can be very dramatic when it has gone a little too dry. If your Oxalis is fully limp give it a good soak and it should perk up in a few hours!

Did you know? If your plant begins to lose its leaves don't panic! Oxalis triangularis go through periods of dormancy. Simply cut the remaining growth back to the soil, stop watering, and place your plant somewhere cool and dry. In a few weeks time you'll begin to see new growth. Once you do, move your plant back to a bright spot and begin watering again!

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