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Plant Know-How: Peperomia Deppeana X Quadrifolia 'Hope'

Peperomia Deppeana X Quadrifolia 'Hope' close
Always a favorite of ours, Peperomia Deppeana X Quadrifolia 'Hope' is a great plant wether you're a Peperomia lover or just love interesting plants. If the name didn't give it away, 'Hope' is a hybrid of two different Peperomia species. The combination of those two species gave us 'Hope', a sweet trailing Peperomia with almost perfectly circular leaves. 'Hope' tends to be an easy going plant, it's thick succulent leaves make it a little hardier than it's somewhat more sensitive, thin leaved relatives. Peperomia overall can sometimes stump new plant parents though, they have some specific care and  Peperomia Deppeana X Quadrifolia 'Hope' is no different. If you find you're always guessing with your  Peperomia Deppeana X Quadrifolia 'Hope' or Peperomia in general read on to learn our tips on keeping your plants happy and healthy!
Peperomia Deppeana X Quadrifolia 'Hope' wide


Light: Peperomia Deppeana X Quadrifolia 'Hope' does best in bright, indirect light. It can be grown in medium indirect light but your plant may begin to grow leggy and sparse.

Water: Allow your Peperomia Deppeana X Quadrifolia 'Hope' to go almost completely dry in-between watering. 'Hope', like its relatives, is naturally an epiphytic plant. This means that 'Hope's root system tends to be shallow. Maintaining a constantly moist soil will lead to leaf loss and root rot. Planting your 'Hope' in a chunky, well draining soil will also help to ensure strong roots and a properly watered plant!

Did you know? Peperomia Deppeana X Quadrifolia 'Hope', like other plants in its family, propagates very easily! Try sticking a stem cutting in some water and before you know it you'll have roots and a whole new plant!

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