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Plant Know-How: Peperomia prostrata

Peperomia prostrata close
Peperomia prostrata is a plant you may have seen cropping up on social media lately. This unique Peperomia has certainly garnered its fair share of attention recently! It's not hard to see why with it's adorable succulent leaves and turtle-like appearance. Sometimes referred to as string of turtles, this interesting Peperomia is native to Brazil where it grows in shaded and humid rainforests. In cultivation Peperomia prostrata starts out growing similar to a ground cover, but as it grows it begins to trail and will eventually become a lush hanging basket. Peperomia prostrata is different from many of the other species in its genus, and this means it also requires a little different care. We've got some tips and tricks to keep this uniquely adorable Peperomia happy!
Peperomia prostrata close


Light: Peperomia prostrata requires bright, indirect light. Be sure to keep your Peperomia prostrata away from direct light as it will burn the small, delicate leaves.

Water: Peperomia prostrata has very shallow roots and thusly can succumb to overwatering if left wet for too long. Water your Peperomia prostrata when about 3/4 of the pot is dry. Peperomia prostrata may benefit from being grown in a shallow container.

Did you know? If your Peperomia prostrata begins to thin out at the top move it to a location where the top of the plant receives more light. More leaves should begin to grow and fill out your plant!

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