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Plant Know-How: Peperomia quadrangularis

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Peperomia quadrangularis is another adorable member of the widely varying Peperomia family. Peperomia quadrangularis gets its name from it's stem which has four distinct sides to it, if you roll the stem of your plant gently between your fingers you'll be able to feel those four sides! This diminutive and adorable Peperomia is native to South America where it grows epiphytically in humid rainforests. Much like other Peperomia and epiphytic plants, Peperomia quadrangularis has a shallow root system. Because of this Peperomia quadrangularis can be picky about the soil it's planted in. If you find your Peperomia quadrangularis is struggling despite your best efforts try repotting it into a chunkier soil mix! While it may have some quirks we find Peperomia quadrangularis is an easy plant to take care of! We've compiled more care info for you here so you can give your plant the best care possible!
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Light: Keep your Peperomia quadrangularis in bright, indirect light. It may grow in medium indirect light, but be mindful of how often you're watering. As a semi-succulent plant Peperomia quadrangularis does not want to be overly moist, and the less light your plant is receiving the slower it will use the water in the soil.

Water: Allow your Peperomia quadrangularis to go almost completely dry in-between watering. Allowing the soil to stay too moist for too long may result in the shallow, delicate roots rotting.

Did you know? Peperomia quadrangularis, like all Peperomia, is a pet safe plant! This means you don't need to worry if your furry friend chows down on your Peperomia quadrangularis! It's completely non toxic!

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