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Plant Know-How: Pilea glauca

Pilea glauca above
This sparkly plant is Pilea glauca, a relative of the well known Pilea peperomioides (although it might not look it!). Pilea glauca is native to the humid rainforests of Central and South America where it grows as a creeping ground cover. In cultivation Pilea glauca is grown as a hanging basket, which given time can grown to very long lengths. Pilea glauca is a plant that likes a lot of added humidity, which is why you'll often see them used in fairy gardens and terrariums. Given the right care your Pilea glauca can thrive and grow to the be the cascading plant of your dreams!
pilea glauca side


Light: Pilea glauca grows best in medium to bright indirect light. Be sure to keep your plant from any direct sunlight as the small, delicate leaves will burn.

Water: Pilea glauca likes consistency in its watering. Water your plant when about half of the soil has gone dry. Pilea glauca may drop leaves if allowed to go completely dry too often. Your plant will also benefit from added humidity. You can achieve this by keeping it next to a humidifier, in a well lit bathroom, or on a pebble tray! This is a great plant to keep in a terrarium or under a cloche.

Did you know? Pilea glauca's silvery appearance is caused by tiny air pockets under the surface of the leaves. This is a type of variegation called blister or reflective variegation. Light reflects off of these air pockets causing them to look sparkly!

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