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Plant Know-How: Rhaphidophora decursiva

Rhaphidophora decursiva small
The genus Rhaphidophora has certainly been getting a lot of attention lately. It wasn't too long ago that Rhaphidophora tetrapserma made its big debut in widespread cultivation, and we're just now starting to see it's cousin Rhaphidophora decursiva entering center stage! Rhaphidophora decursiva has a very similar growth habit to Rhaphidophora tetrapserma, but it's the mature leaves that really set the two apart. As Rhaphidophora decursiva grows upwards it develops deeply lobed, fenestrated mature leaves. These mature, palm-like leaves can grow to multiple feet in length as well. Given time Rhaphidophora decursiva can grow to a truly massive specimen! This is a fun and rewarding plant to watch grow from a small seedling into a towering monster.
Rhaphidophora decursiva large


Light: Rhaphidophora decursiva does best in medium to bright indirect light. To ensure speedy growth and large, fenestrated leaves we recommend growing yours in bright indirect light.

Water: Water your Rhaphidophora decursiva when about 2/3 of the soil has gone dry. Be sure to fully saturate the soil every time you water.

Did you know? Rhaphidophora decursiva is a plant that really needs a moss pole to thrive and reach its true potential. Without a moss pole it's not uncommon for Rhaphidophora decursiva to stop putting out leaves altogether and instead grow a long vining tendril. 

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