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Plant Know-How: Rhipsalis

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You might have seen some of these enigmatic jungle cacti popping up at more and more plant shops lately. Rhipsalis are beginning to be grown in cultivation more and we are certainly all for it! Rhipsalis are a genus of epiphytic jungle cactus that are native to Central and South America as well as areas in Asia and Africa. These interesting plants can be found in humid tropical rainforests where they grow along the barks of trees, as well as certain species that grow along rocks and other surfaces! These plants have started to garner attention from the ever growing plant community and are loved for their strange, pendulous growth. Somewhat similar in care to their relative Epiphyllum, Rhipsalis make for an easy going addition to any home!
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Light: Keep your Rhipsalis in bright, indirect light. Rhipsalis can be grown in medium indirect light but may need to be watered less frequently than if grown in high light. 

Water: Ensure your Rhipsalis is planted in fast draining soil and water your Rhipsalis when about half of the soil has gone dry.

Did you know? Rhipsalis produce red or white berries that are edible! While these berries may be edible never consume any unknown plants!

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