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Plant Know-How: Senecio rowleyanus

Senecio rowleyanus wide
Few succulents are as trendy as Senecio rowleyanus. Commonly known as string of pearls for it's bead like trailing growth, this succulent has certainly enjoyed its time in the limelight. Senecio rowleyanus is endemic to southwest Africa where it grows as a ground cover, crawling along the ground where it can form a dense carpet. In cultivation Senecio rowleyanus is mostly grown as a hanging plant. The long tendrils have been known to grow to lengths of over six feet. Senecio rowleyanus is an easy going plant, and coupled with its endearing spherical leaves, its understandable why this plant has remained so popular. While Senecio rowleyanus is fairly well suited for beginner plant parents it does require some specialized care. We've got some tips and tricks here so someday your string of pearls can reach new lengths!
Senecio rowleyanus small


Light: Senecio rowleyanus requires bright indirect light to full sun indoors. If kept outdoors Senecio rowleyanus will do best with full sun in the morning to early afternoon and shade for the rest of the day. If kept in full sun for the whole day your Senecio rowleyanus may burn.

Water: Water your Senecio rowleyanus when the soil has gone completely dry. In the winter you will need to water significantly less than the summer months. A good indication of when to water is when leaves begin to look slightly wrinkled and feel soft to the touch.

Did you know? Senecio rowleyanus flowers throughout the summer months, producing a white, almost puffy looking flower.

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